#56 Up North!!! (AM trip)


Cormorants on green buoy off of Jetty island
Gray whale feeding up in river delta (unidentified)
2 eagles on day marker by delta
#56 zig zagging in Saratoga passage
2 California sea lions swimming near #56

Naturalist Log:

The day started out slightly overcast with a few sun breaks scattered through out the sky. The seas laid calm for the first time in days and a cool breeze was blowing lightly through the air. The birds that had left for Sunday’s storm had begun to return and the Everett marina began to sound normal again. The Naval yard bellowed with the sounds of reveille and the faint monotone sounds of orders being given through a loud speaker. Jetty island fell quiet with a majority of the island under water from the days first high tide.

At 10 am we departed from the dock and began the first trip of the day. The sun broke out at times but the air still felt chilly across your body, but nothing was going to stop us today, success was on our minds. We started the trip with an immature bald eagle perched on Jetty island, ignoring all the sea gulls and birds around it, it was waiting quietly for it to be lunch time. After some great looks at the bird we continued on around the green buoy at the end of Jetty and headed west toward Gedney island.

Half way to Gedney island, Captain carl picked up our first whale of the day, it was a gray whale and it was feeding in the river delta. Not long after joining this whale, Captain Carl then spotted a pair of bald eagles on a day marker just outside of the delta. Seizing the opportunity Captain Carl slid us in for a close up of these tow magnificent birds. The eagles scanned us multiple times but did not show the slightest interest in the boat or its load, it was clear they only had fish on their minds. With some great looks at the eagles and the whale not venturing far from the delta we decided to move on to see what else we could find.

We continued north passed Gedney island into Saratoga passage. once again the waters lay calm and the boat rode smoothly upon them. After passing many seagulls and logs we reached Elger bay and Baby island. Once we got the we put on a very thorough searched and it paid off as we found our second whale of the day. It was gray whale #56 and much like the previous whale he was feeding close to shore. After a few minutes he began to head south and so we followed with him to see what was up. He zigged and zagged left and right as we went, even circling a little before continuing south bound. We had some great looks at #56  off the side of the Island Explorer 4 and enjoyed the beautiful conditions we had to watch the whale in.

Time began to run short and it was time to get back in and so we had to split off from #56 and continue in to the dock. Once we got to the Naval yard Captain Carl swung in just outside the fences in the hopes  of some more wildlife and boy did he find it!!!! Dozens of California sea lions lay out on the pontoon fence protecting the yard. They drowned and glared at us but didn’t move much other than that. After the sea lions we headed back to shore.

Again it was an amazing trip and the wildlife was great!!!!

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