Lucy to the Rescue!!!!


Great blue heron on Jetti island
Lots of Cormorants throughout the trip
Occasional harbor porpoises and harbor seals
Gray whale #723 “Lucy” showed up just in time

Naturalist log:

As the day began, both the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges rose high around Everett, allowing for some great looks up into their snowy peaks. Light gray clouds were strewn about the sky, letting small bits of sunshine in now and then, and a light breeze danced through the air. The world was quiet as Captain Scott and Tyson set up the boat, with only the occasional seagull call to break up the emptiness that lingered in the air. In no time at all, the passengers arrived and the trip was getting under way. As the passengers loaded up a lone harbor seal popped up just on the other side of the pier, most likely looking for its free breakfast for the day. With that the boat turned and inched away from the dock, setting forth in search of the illusive gray whale.

Rounding the end of Jetti island a few sharp eyed passengers spotted a great blue heron, perched high up on top of a dolphin(piling), just waiting for breakfast to swim by. Small marine birds scampered along the shore as the waves rolled upon the sand and yet the island seemed so quiet. After a couple quick looks at the heron the IE4 pointed north began to plow on ahead.

Captain Scott took the IE4 north up passed Camano island to Holms harbor, searching along the way for anything to pop up. There certainly was no shortage of logs out in the Possession sound today, most of which were covered in cormorants or seagulls. Captain Scott navigated perfectly through the logs and soon the IE4 was cruising up Saratoga passage when out of the corner of his eye Captain Scott spotted the first whale of the day. Unfortunately the whale was not being social and did not show itself at this time, but the crew didn’t give up, they knew the animals had to be somewhere.

The IE4 the cruised over to Baby island to take peek into Holmes harbor. After doing a great search of  the area Captain Scott turned the boat north again to check on a report from the earlier morning. Finally the time came for the search to start taking us home. Discouraged and dismayed the crew knew they had to swing for the fences on this trip and suddenly Lady Luck showed up in the form of a whale. Lucy #723 surfaced just off the port side of the boat. He was heading toward Camano in a north word direction and had decided to be cooperative for the IE4.

723 swam slowly north, rhythmic breathing 1,2,3 deep dive, as he went. With each deep dive his  fluke would come out the water shower the boat with luck and allowing for some great photo opportunities for the passengers. His deep dives only lasted a few minutes before he would surface again with a huge exhalation and a raise of his rostrum. It was a great show and allotted a ton of viewing time with the whale but as with all great things this to had to end. With the whale continuing north the IE4 turned south and returned to port. As she went she was visited by many more sea birds and even a little sprinkle of liquid sunshine right at the end.

It was a great trip and Lucy definitely helped out today!!!!

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