Lots of Humpback Whales!

Port Angeles

Trip Highlights:

*Humpback Whales surfacing all over the place near Constance Bank
*Steller and California sea lions

We headed north again today to find humpback whales at Constance Bank.  As we arrived to watch our first couple of whales we could see other whales surfacing in the distance too.  We spent plenty of time watching a multitude of humpback whales surfacing in all directions today, and it was hard to keep track of exactly how many whales we saw in total.  Most of them were pretty generous in showing us their tail flukes on multiple occasions!  One of the highlights of the day came when we spotted a couple of humpback whales getting pretty active with some cartwheels (caudal peduncle throws)!  We saw four cartwheels before they finally calmed down.  Shortly following that action we headed over to check out all the Steller and California sea lions out on Race Rocks for a while.  After leaving the rocks we headed back out and got one more look at a few humpback whales to finish off a great day filled with lots of whales!  One of them turned out to be Gnarly, BCZ0131!  We watched at least 6 different humpback whales up close today (identified from photographs), and probably saw even more from a distance.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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