Humpback mom and calf steal the show!


-humpback mother and playful calf right in our backyard
-harbor porpoise
-bald eagles on James Island
-South end of Lopez Island
-Energetic Dall’s porpoise

The forecast was wrong today and we didn’t even get one little drop of rain! In fact, the sun was peaking through the clouds! We left the dock on the search and as we took a turn up Rosario Strait, several of our passengers had spotted a tail quite close to the boat! It turned out to be a humpback calf’s tail and he/she was traveling alongside mom! We had some amazing looks as these two whales literally were swimming in circles. At one point, baby decided it was time to play, we saw tail lobs, a breach, and some rolling around resulting in seeing its pec fins! Mom even got in on the action and did a massive tail lob for us, as baby rolled around in the foreground! Incredible! We got some nice tail shots, but were not able to identify our humpback mom and calf pairing as returning animals! We decided we needed to push further to the south to see what else we could find, we had two mature bald eagles perched on James Island and some harbor porpoise enjoying the current lines of Rosario Strait. We meandered through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock where we spotted a couple of great blue herons and a harbor seal. We continued out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca in search of more and we found some pretty energetic Dall’s porpoise! They didn’t engage with the boat, but continued darting all over the place! We had some fantastic looks at them! We began our trek back toward home port as the sun continued to break through the clouds. It was simply a picturesque day on the water with our humpback whale friends!

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