Orcas show us their lunch!


-T49C and T77A hunt then show off their meal
-harbor seals and great blue herons at Lopez Island

Our trip took us on a trek to the south today. We spotted a few harbor porpoise in the waters of Rosario Strait. We took a turn south and did a slow down by Minor Island where we found a mature bald eagle perched on one of the structures on the island. There were also several harbor seals hauled out enjoying the sunshine! We continued south toward the Olympic Peninsula where the Island Explorer 3 was reeling us in! They were on scene with a couple of marine mammal eating orcas and we got there with perfect timing. After a couple of great passes by the “Twins” – T49C and T77A, apparently, it was time for lunch! We watched them maneuver quickly and at one point, one them them brought the remnants of lunch up to the surface for us all to see. We couldn’t tell what it was at that point, all we know is they were enjoying their midday meal. They circled around the stern of the boat, over and over, rolling over, sharing their food with each other, making bubble blasts! It was astounding! Eventually, they moved off and started maintaining a rhythmic breathing sequence again, and it was time for us to head back toward home port. We had the opportunity to swing through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock where we found more harbor seals and a couple of great blue herons. It was truly an incredible day on the water, hanging out with the “twins” and enjoying the beautiful fall day!

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