Three Humpbacks and a Fin Whale!


We had a fantastic trip today from Anacortes with a double-header of baleen whales! We first saw harbor porpoise galore in Rosario Strait and a mature bald eagle and some harbor seals near Colville Island. Soon, we were on scene with three humpback whales, all swimming together! Two of the whales branched off to the west, and the single animal passed right by our boat! We caught up to the other two, and watched as they both showed their tail flukes! After leaving, we stopped at Hein Bank to visit a Steller sea lion that was hauled out on the navigational marker. He looked to be a juvenile animal, and our guests sure enjoyed this encounter. We then made our way east when Capt. Carl picked up another whale, a fin whale! This was a big animal, and we watched this giant travel for the next thirty minutes, circling near McArthur Bank. One of the humpback whales and a much larger Steller sea lion were also in the vicinity of the fin whale. On our way home we passed slowly by Castle Rock and watched four more bald eagles, some harbor seals, and a some black-tailed deer in the area.

Quite a few of our guests were asking for photos from today. Please visit my webpage and contact me for information:
-Michael Colahan

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