Killer Whales and a Humpback!

Port Angeles
Trip Highlights:
*K and L pod killer whales coming in from the west
*A Humpback Whale
*Dall’s Porpoise play in our wake
We started out our day with calm seas and they stayed that way all trip long.  After passing Ediz Hook we circled around checking some of our favorite spots but it wasn’t until we got a call from one of our friends from Canada that we got a look at our first whale.  It was just northeast of Race Rocks and it was a humpback whale.  It turned out to be a whale that we have seen before with the temporary ID # MMZ0004.  This whale did a half fluke for us, and gave us plenty of looks at the surface.  He even swam through some bull kelp bunched up at the surface, draping it all over his head!  Later he did the same thing again with some more bull kelp, and he draped it over his tail flukes too.  While we were spending time with this very cooperative whale Capt. Tom got a call that killer whales were spotted swimming our way just south of Sooke Bay.  He didn’t waste any time in heading that direction.  
When we arrived on scene with the orcas they were spread out in several groups offshore.  The first few whales we visited were L86, Surprise, and her son L106.  They gave us some great views as they swam along, then we spotted a few more groups headed our way including some big males.  Just as we started to focus on them one of the males came shooting out of the water in a breach!  L92, Crewser, and K25, Scoter were swimming in this bunch along with some females and subadults.  One of the big males turned upside down to do several tail slaps in a row!  While we were watching the orcas we even spotted another humpback whale swimming among them.  That was a surprise for sure.  
After spending as much time as we could with these K and L pod orcas it was time to head back toward the dock, but our trip wasn’t quite over yet.  On the way back to the dock we found a small pod of playful Dall’s porpoise.  They swam over and surfed in the wake behind our boat for a good long time.  Those little speed demons are always fun to watch!  What an awesome day!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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