Humpback Whale Day

Port Angeles.

*Humpback Whale MMY0004 swimming East towards the south end of Constance Bank.
*Birds, Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals hauled out and in the water at Race Rocks Island.
*A glimpse at the EcoGuardian which lives on Race Rocks Island.
*2nd Humpback Whale of the day spotted SouthWest of Race Rocks.
*Huge flock of gulls on the water
*3rd Humpback Whale spotted SouthEast of Race Rocks, identified as BCZ0180 “Monarch”

Photo Credit to Lee Leddy

Naturalist Log:
The sky was clear and the waters were calm. An amazing day to be out on the water. We passed the hook and headed into the Juan de Fuca Strait on a mission to find wildlife. As we entered Canadian waters, a large exhalation was up ahead. It was Humpback Whale MMY0004. It appeared to be on a mission as it headed East towards the south end of Constance Bank. We traveled with it for a few surfaces enjoying the views of the whale tails as it dove down for its deep dives. We decided to say goodbye and head towards Race Rocks. Race Rocks was full of life. Several Steller Sea Lions and California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals laying among the rocks and swimming in the waters. We even saw the EcoGuardian that lives on the island out and about her work.

After passing through Race Rocks, another large exhalation was spotted south west of the islands. We headed over and observed another Humpback Whale. After bringing up its flukes, it appeared to be a whale not yet in our identification book. What a find. It brought up its beautiful tail a few more times, then continued on its way. We explored some more water before heading back to Port Angeles. As we began to make our turn, another exhalation was spotted – this time on the southeast side of race rocks. At first we thought this might be the same whale we were looking at earlier, but after the flukes came up, we knew it wasn’t. It was BCZ0180 “Monarch”! Monarch kept its deep dives short and showed off its flukes a couple of times. We eventually completed our journey back towards Port Angeles, but not before getting one last big tail wave from BCZ0180 “Monarch”.

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