Anacortes Triple Header!


-Three humpback whales
-T137 orca pod

We set out on our journey and headed down Guemes Channel to Rosario Strait where we spotted numerous harbor porpoise. We made our way to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We found our first whale of the day! It was a fairly slinky minke. He didn't want to play, so we moved on in search of other animals. It wasn't too long before Captain Carl found us our second, third and fourth whale of the day! It was two humpbacks swimming side by side and another one within a mile of the other two! They were all headed south and eventually the lone humpback caught up with the other two! We were able to ID one of the humpbacks as MMX0006. We spent some quality time with our whales before we headed off in search of more! We caught a few quick glimpses at some Dall's porpoise as they swam past us. We made our way to the west side of San Juan Island where we found some marine mammal eating orcas! It was the T137s! The T137s include: T137, T137A, T137B and T137D. They were heading north along the shoreline. It was amazing to see this family group stealthily cruise along. We turned back toward home port, but not before we swung by our humpback friends again and spent some more time with out loner humpback, MMX0006! We cruised through the south end of Lopez Island and spotted several harbor seals hauled out and a peregrine falcon! Another great day on the Salish Sea! 

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