J51 Steals the Show!


-Cartwheeling humpback whale
-Extremely playful orcas
-Two mature bald eagles
-Harbor seals

Our day started out and we headed west down Rosario Strait. We took a turn to the south and headed down Rosarios straight for the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were on the search. Captain Carl found is our first whale of the day! It was a humpback whale we were able to identify as our good friend MMX0006. This whale fluked for us multiple times and then out of nowhere did a huge cartwheel! It was incredible to watch. Eventually, we moved off in search of other animals. We headed west toward Canada and soon we were watching orca whales! We hung out with members of J pod as they foraged and played. We spent most of our time with J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse), J51 (Nova), J34 (Doublestuf) and J27 (Blackberry). We had multiple breaches spyhops, tail lobs and cartwheels. The star of the show was little J 51 as he enjoyed being a baby orca. Almost every time he surfaced, he was exhibiting a different behavior! We even stayed a little longer because we just couldn’t leave the active whales. We headed back toward home port but not before we did a beautiful slow down to the south end of Lopez Island, Swirl Rocks and Castle Rock. We spotted two mature bald eagles, a few turkey vultures and some harbor seals who were hauled out on the rocks. We enjoyed a wonderful day and avoided the rain for the majority of it! It was another beautiful day in the Salish Sea!

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