Steller sea lions and Orcas steal the show!


-Steller sea lion checks us out!
-harbor seals
-Dall’s porpoise
-Close pass from the orcas
-Steller sea lion eating a skate!

We had just one quick little rain cloud as we left Guemes Channel.The rest of the day was full of sunshine and flat calm waters. We slid over to Bird Rocks and had a Steller sea lion check us out! He was super close, just gazing up at the boat! Incredible. There were also several harbor seals hauled out on the rocks. We continued south toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca where we continued on the search. We spotted a really elusive humpback whale, so we headed further to the west to see what else we could find. We found some Dall’s porpoise! We slowed down to see if they wanted to play, but they didn’t want to engage. It was great to see them! We came across some orcas along the west side of San Juan Island. We spent time with L54 (Ino), L108 (Coho), L117 (Keta), L84 (Nyssa) and L88 (Wave Walker). We had some amazingly close looks at L54, L108, L117 and L84! They popped up right next to the boat! We also moved offshore and found L88 hanging out by himself. We spent a lot of quality time with them before we turned back toward Anacortes. We did a slow down at the south end of Lopez Island and spotted marbled murrelets, harbor seals, a great blue heron, a belted kingfisher, a mature bald eagle and a red tail hawk! We cruised north up Rosario Strait and we had a Steller sea lion enjoying a little snack! It was remarkable to see the sea lion thrash a skate around at the surface! We had a spectacular day out on the water!

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