K13’s fishing

Port Angeles

Blue skies all day
Flat calm water
Harbor porpoise
Harbor seals
K13 orca whales

Naturalist log:

A cold breeze blew through the area as the crew prepared the Island Explorer 4 for the day’s trip into the Salish sea. In no time at all the boat was ready and the crew been loading up its passengers.  The sun beat down from high above slightly taking the chill out of the air yet not making things unbearable outside. With seagulls buzzing all around the IE4 fired up and began her trip into the Salish sea and her search for whales.

As she rounded the hook the Salish sea opened her arms, almost begging us to come and explore. Captain Tom drove the boat north bound toward San Juan island. As she went the crew scoured the many banks that lay along her route. Unfortunately, Coyote bank and Hien bank were empty and the IE4 had places to be and so she continued on. The wind had picked up slightly by now and some small waves began to grow but soon dissipated leaving the Salish seas calm and enjoyable.

As the IE4 neared Eagle point, large black dorsal fins began to appear at the waters surface. It was resident orcas, the K13’s to be exact!!!! They were fishing like crazy on a current line just off the shoreline and the whales were extremely spread out, as they usually do in order to fish. K20 and K38 gave a good show as they fished back and forth toward shore with Scoter popping out occasionally as he hunted for salmon. It was a great show from the orca whales.

After the orcas it was time to head home, but the search wasn’t done. The crew scoured the water all the way to the dock but other than harbor porpoises and a few seals nothing decided to show its face. All in all the day worked out great with the fog clearing in the morning and the seas calming down in the afternoon. Oh and the whales weren’t bad either!!!!

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