Transient Orcas & Humpback Whale

Port Angeles.

*Harbor Seals hauled out at Ediz Hook
*Steller Sea Lion swimming out in the Juan de Fuca Strait, near Rock Pile
*Transient Orcas spotted just West of Constance Bank
*Over an hour enjoying the Transient Orcas: T018, T019, T019B, T019C
*Humpback Whale, MMY0024, spotted just North of Race Rocks
*Steller Sea lions, California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals all seen along Race Rocks island

Photos credit to Season Passholder, Lee Leddy

Naturalist Log:
As we greeted passengers at the dock, a great blue heron flew by. Perhaps it was a sign of the great sights of wildlife we would see on our journey today. As we reached the open waters, we slowed to enjoy the Harbor Seals which were hauled out on the tip of Ediz Hook. Then we were out on the open waters of Juan de Fuca Strait. We cruised along searching for the signs of wildlife. Suddenly, while on the northern end of the Rock Pile, something caught our eye. It was a Steller Sea Lion. He seemed tone just cruising along, bringing its head periodically. Eventually the Sea Lion dove under water and we continued on our way.

We crossed into Canadian waters, continuing our search. As we neared the west side of Constance Bank, dorsal fins were spotted. It was a pod of 4 Transient Orcas. Two of the Orcas had nice tall dorsal fins easily spotted as they surfaced. We stayed with the Orcas for well over an hour. They were identified as T018, T019, T019B and T019C. T019B & T019C being the tall dorsal fins that were spotted. As the Orcas reached Pedder Bay, we said goodbye and began to head towards Race Rocks to see what wildlife was hanging out there.

Before we reached Race Rocks, Captain Scott made a turn. A large exhalation was spotted just North of Race Rocks. It was Humpback Whale MMY0024, swimming around the area with apparent no concern about the mammal-eating Orcas near by. After a few great looks at the Humpback, including some beautiful flukes, we departed from the Humpback and continued through Race Rocks.

Race Rocks is always a favorite area to explore. Today the rocks were filled with Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. We listened carefully and could hear the California Sea Lions barking in the distance. It was a great treat.

Great Wildlife and Great Sunshine made this is great day on the water.

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