Orcas and Humpbacks from Anacortes…AGAIN!


 We have had an awesome September here in Anacortes with great weather and whales! We saw harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait and slowed down near Castle Rock, spotting two belted kingfishers and some harbor seals. Continuing west we eventually encountered J and K Pod killer whales coming in from the Pacific Ocean! Our trip with the orcas started off with a bang as they started breaching and spy-hopping right off the bat! We had great looks at some of the big boys as they exploded out of the water! We saw the K12, K13, J11, and J22 sub-pods up close as they cruised toward San Juan Island. Our time visiting the orcas was so cool, and we loved every minute of our tour. Toward the end of our visit with the orcas, we got word that one of our repeat passengers, Eric, and his girlfriend, Hannah, had gotten engaged! Fantastic news! After leaving, Capt. Carl steered us toward some other boats that had found three humpbacks in the region. We caught up with them and they all showed us their tail flukes on different occasions. At one point all three whales popped up right in front of us! As we prepared to leave, one of the three threw a big cartwheel near the boat! Our trip was awesome today, so glad for those that were on board, and congrats to the newly engaged couple!

-Michael Colahan

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