SUPERPOD! Four babies! IE3 saves the day!


-We find orcas in our backyard!
-Newest baby L112 swims right by!
-All day with orcas!
-Minke pops up while with orcas!

We set off on our journey today with no idea what we had in store for us! We spotted a few porpoise in Guemes Channel. We were on the search and we were in luck! We found orcas north in Rosario Strait! They were headed our way! We made our way on scene and found that we had members of all three pods! We spent time with: J2 (Granny), J27 (Blackberry), J31 (Tsuchi), J39 (Mako), J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse), J51, J16 (Slick), J26 (Mike), J36 (Alki), J52, J42 (Echo), J50, J34 (Doublestuf), J38 (Cookie), K13 (Skagit), K20 (Spock), K38 (Comet), K25 (Scoter), K27 (Deadhead), K44 (Ripple), K34 (Cali), L87 (Oynx), L72 (Racer), L105 (Fluke), L95 (Nigel), L92 (Crewser), L55 (Nugget), L82 (Kasatka), L116 (Finn), L103 (Lapis), L109 (Takoda), L118 (Jade), L47 (Marina), L83 (Moonlight), L110 (Midnight), L91 (Muncher), L122, and L115 (Mystic). There were more whales we weren’t able to identify, as the whales were spread out! The newest little baby, L122, gave us a couple of good looks as he/she swam next to mom, L91, and passed right by the boat! We had so much activity today: breaches, spyhops, tail lobs, cartwheels, kelping! It was so exciting! We were on scene with the orcas and a minke whale popped up! He just surfaced the one time. We continued watching the orcas as they headed southbound down Rosario Strait. We got to spend time with four out of the five new babies! We eventually had to depart after hanging out with the orcas for over three hours! A sharp eyed passenger found our minke again! We caught a couple of good looks before we made our way home. We had an incredible trip with a superpod in our backyard! Simply breathtaking!

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