J-Pod In Rosario Strait!


Trip Highlights:
*J-pod practically in our backyard
*J52 playing like crazy!
*Harbor seals and a bald eagle that performed for us twice!

Today is one of those days that we all hope for when we leave the dock.  We got word that orcas were spotted at the north end of Rosario Strait heading south.  This meant that it wouldn’t take too long before we were on scene with them and we would be able to spend lots of time with them too because they were headed toward our dock in a sense.  Along the way we spotted a bald eagle that was the perfect photo model on the top of a tree in the Cone Islands.  He spread his wings wide open and held them there for a long time as if he wanted to fly, but he didn’t.  He gave us plenty of time to get the photo though.  Then he dropped his wings and raised them again for a long time before he finally decided to take flight!

When we arrived on scene with the killer whales they were between Point Lawrence and Lummi Island all spread out fishing for salmon.  We got to spend plenty of time with J-pod, and the big star of the show today was J52!  This new calf was entertaining us all day!  He spent most of the day tailslapping like crazy, lunging out of the water, breaching, and spyhopping during our visits with him and his family!  Today we saw J36, Alki, J52, J16, Slick, J50, J42, Echo, J26, Mike, J27, Blackberry, J14, Samish, J45, Se-Yi-Chn, J17, Princess Angeline, J28, Polaris, J38, Cookie, J34, DoubleStuf, and more!  After spending lots of time with the orcas initially we decided to peel off and look for more stuff.    We circumnavigated Blakely Island and checked out a bunch of harbor seals hauled out on Pointer Island.  Then after checking out a bald eagle’s nest on Blakely Island we headed back out to look at the orcas one last time.  When we arrived J52 was still being a playful little calf and we saw constant tailslapping, a breach and a spyhop out of this little tyke!  On the other side of the boat we spotted Granny, J2, swimming close to Blackberrry, J27.  So we got to see the youngest and the oldest member of J-pod today!  What an awesome trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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