BCZ0180 “Monarch” shows off the Flukes!

Port Angeles.

*Large group of birds excited about baitfish just outside of the marina
*Humpback Whale BCZ0180 “Monarch” swimming along the south end of Constance Bank.
*Beautiful views of Race Rocks Island with several Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals hauled out on the rocks.
*The California Sea lions and the Steller Sea Lions were very vocal as we passed by.

*Photo Credit to season pass holder Lee Leddy*

Naturalist Log:
The weather cooperated with us again today, not a drop of rain while we enjoyed our wildlife views. While Captain Tom made introductions up at the top of the docks, an adorable Harbor Seal swam by to introduce itself as well. Once everyone was on board, we departed the dock and headed out on our way for our adventure. We didn’t get very far before spotted a sight of interest. It was a huge flock of birds, in a feeding commotion. The birds were enjoying the score of fish bait ball.

We continued out past Ediz Hook and into open waters. It appeared that many fisherman were out on the waters too, enjoying the holiday weekend. Our journey took us across the Juan de Fuca Strait and into Canadian waters. The city of Victoria, B.C. came into view as we approached one of the shallow water banks of the Strait, Constance Bank. As we neared the south end of the Bank, we got word from another boat about a whale being in the area. We headed their way and helped with the look out. After its several minutes deep dive, the whale appeared along our port side. It was a Humpback Whale. BCZ0180 “Monarch” to be exact. Monarch gave us some nice peeks at its flukes. After a good amount of time enjoying Monarch’s company, we decided to go explore other areas of water – or so we thought. As we cruised away, picking up speed, BCZ0180 “Monarch” caught up with us. So, we took some more time to enjoy a few more looks and the beautiful whale. For our final viewing, Monarch lifted its flukes high out of the water – making sure everyone got to see its distinctive markings.

We left Monarch and explored the area around Race Rocks. All the rocks around the area had Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and/or Harbor Seals. Some debates seemed to be taking place among the sea lions; we listened to their barking and the roars of the Stellers as we cruised by.

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