Humpback! Orcas! Humpback!


-Humpback south of Patos Island
-Orcas in Canada
-Humpback BCZ0004 along Orcas Island

We set off on our journey on the east side of Guemes Island and cruised north along the Orcas Island shoreline. We spotted harbor porpoise and harbor seals popping up throughout the day! We continued on toward Canada, but we didn’t quite make it to Canada before Captain Carl found us our first whale of the day! It looked like one of new “regular” humpback whales! He gave us a great look as he surfaced right behind the boat! We pressed on, further into Canada and we found K pod orcas! We hung out with the K13 family group: K13 (Skagit), K20 (Spock), K38 (Comet), K25 (Scoter), K27 (Deadhead) K44 (Ripple) and K34 (Cali). They were picking up speed to catch up to the rest of K pod, who all grouped up together and starting a resting behavior. It was amazing to see all those dorsal fins popping up at once! We spent some quality time with them before we started back toward home port, a completely different route. Along the west side of Orcas Island, we found another humpback whale! It was our friend BCZ0004, who surfaced for us repeatedly. We saw his huge fluke rise multiple times. We were even treated to the delightful smell of his exhalation! We continued on home through the inner islands, after experiencing a wonderful day full of whales!

Photos to come!

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