Up Norte… For us anyway!!!

Port Angeles

Humpbacks south of Hien bank
Lpod whales near salmon bank
Waters were nice and calm
Rained held off most of the day
Naturalist Log:
After yet another rain storm pushing along the olympic penninsula the crew of the Island Explorer 4 had no idea what they may come across. Waters that had be warming up would now begin to cool down and river levels would begin to rise back to normal levels but as for the Salish sea it was still a mystery. This of course is nothing new and so with the Olympic mountains creating a beautiful rain shadow around the Straight of Juan de Fuca the Island Explorer 4 departed from the dock and headed out to the open waters of the Salish sea.
Charging east northeast in search of whales the Island Explorer 4 thanks to some sharp eyes passengers spotted her first whale of the day. It was a humpback whale traveling with another humpback whale!!!! The IE4 got some amazing looks at the whales as they came in close to the boat and one of them even breached out of the water!!!! After a few more great looks it was time to head north again if we wanted to find some orcas and so that’s exactly what the IE4 did.
First she crossed over Hien bank but her search turned up nothing and so she continued onward. Upon nearing salmon bank dorsal fins began to come in to view. When the IE4 got on scene it was pretty apparent that the whales were feeding and extremely spread out as usual. There was a lot of directional changes from the orcas at first as they chased after fish. The IE4 lucked out as she was able to some very good looks at the whales. A few larger males were further out from the majority of the group and after viewing for a half hour or so the rest of the whales headed off shore as well. Soon the big makes were swimming just off the bow of the IE4 it was amazing!!!!
After a long time with the orcas it was time to turn and head home. On the ride back we did happen upon another humpback but it was unfortunately going on a deep dive and the IE4 was running late. All in all it was an amazing trip and a beautiful day on the water with some amazing animals!!!!

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