Our customers save the day and find the orcas!


-T37A and T65A orca families along the Orcas Island shoreline
-two “swim-bys” by the T65As!
-Sucia Island exploration
-Steller sea lions and harbor seals at Clements Reef
-mature bald eagle on north shore of Orcas Island

We set off on our journey and headed to the north up Bellingham Channel. All eyes were out on deck helping on the search. We continued to the north, scouring the waters of Rosario Strait as we approached Orcas Island. Just as we were about to turn and start searching to the south, a couple of our customers spotted a few exhalations along the Orcas Island shoreline! They found orcas! We were ecstatic! It ended up being our good buddies: T37A and her family, T37A2, T37A3 and T37A4 and T65A and her family, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5! The animals started pushing off shore and they took a 90 degree turn and came right for us! The orcas that gave us a “swim-by” were: T65A, T65A4 and T65A5! We could see them under the water! We had some great looks as they swam under the boat and continued to the north. We began parallel viewing them again, as T65A2 and T65A3 caught up with their mom and younger siblings. The animals made another 90 degree turn and came right for us again! Incredible! We were all so pumped to see these animals up close again! The T37As also joined up with the T65As and they continued toward the north side of Barnes Island. It looked like they were engaged in a little bit of feeding behavior as they circled one area and the birds even came in to pick up some scraps. The animals continued north out into open water. We stayed with them until another boat came and picked them up. We peeled off and checked out some Steller sea lions and harbor seals hauled out on Clements Reef. Captain Michael had a treat in store for us, we got to sneak into Sucia Island and take a little tour of the beauty of the area! We continued toward home port and spotted a mature bald eagle on Orcas Island. We also had a few harbor seals hauled out on Vendovi Island. As we cruised on to Anacortes, we even had some harbor porpoise swim in our wake! What a great day we had on the Salish Sea!

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