Trip highlights:
*J,K, and L pod Orcas near the Canadian border
*A minke whale
*A tufted puffin and marbled murrelets
*Thousands of common murres
*Harbor seals and harbor porpoise

We got our wildlife viewing started off at Colville Island today with a bunch of harbor seals and a black oystercatcher.  Next we pushed offshore heading toward orcas that were milling around near the Canadian border, but a few passengers spotted a minke whale so we circled around and waited for it to surface again.  We got a couple of good looks at this whale before it was time to head out for the orcas.  When we arrived we started with a K pod group including K13, Skagit, K12, Sequim, and K43, Saturna.   They swam right up next to us!  We also spotted K37, Rainshadow swimming with a few more on the other side of the boat.  Later we spotted J2, Granny, and shortly after we identified her she did a big spyhop to check us out!  We could see a big group of whales gathering off in the distance and so we headed that way next.  We saw 3 breaches as we approached the scene!  This group included lots of whales mingling around in circles with each other.  We saw J27, Blackberry, L41, Mega, L88, Wavewalker, L95, Nigel, L92, Crewser, J34, DoubleStuf, J28, Polaris, and many, many more. We even had the newest member of J pod, J52, swim right up to the back of our boat with his mom Alki, J36!  That was exciting!  Then, out of the blue K21, Cappuccino, swam right over toward us and gave everyone a fantastic look.  I haven’t seen him in quite a while so it was great to see him on this trip!  Eventually it was time to head back to the dock, but we did stop in at the south end of Lopez Island to find a beautiful tufted puffin, some. marbled murrelets and a belted kingfisher.  The conditions were also as calm as could be today making for an ideal trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon.

Photos to come later

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