Humpbacks and superpod of orcas!



-two humpbacks
-Steller sea lion
-superpod of orcas

We started on our trip today and headed to the west down Rosario Strait. We found harbor porpoise enjoying the current lines as we continued to the south. At MacArthur Bank, we found two humpbacks, one of them was a good friend BCZ0298 (Split Fin). We saw them fluke a couple of times before we moved further to the west on our search. Captain Carl also found us a Steller sea lion swimming in the water, but it went down on a deep dive. It wasn’t long before we came upon some fish eating orcas they were all grouped up and swimming towards San Juan Island. As they approach the island they began to spread out. We also spotted another humpback in the same area as the orcas. We were never able to get an ID of this animal, as it never showed it’s fluke. We hung out with J27 (Blackberry), J34  (Doublestuf), J38 (Cookie), K20 (Spock), K25 (Scoter) and K38 (Comet). As they spread out, we watched them engage in fishing behavior. Eventually, we had to move back toward homeport but not before we slow down to the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock. We found another Steller sea lion (or it could have been the same one) swimming in between Swirl Rocks and Castle Rock. We spotted a couple of harbor seals hauled out and a great blue heron perched on the rocks. We cruised home with calm waters as the sun continued to break through the clouds.

Photos to come!

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