Double-Headers with Orcas on both trips!


AM Tour
Our tour took us to the south today with a ton of harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait and a stop at Colville Island to watch some harbor seals and a mature bald eagle. The waters were flat-calm for us throughout the entire day. We were soon on scene with LPod orcas along the southwest shoreline of San Juan Island! We had great early looks at L41 Mega as he passed close by our port side! His sisters, L77 Matia, L94 Calypso, and their calves were not far inshore of him. We then a great pass from L55 Nugget, L82 Kasatka, and little L116 Finn on our starboard side. The real star of the tour today was L95 Nigel, as he threw a huge cartwheel close by! The killer whales spread out and began to forage, on the search for fish in the area. After a nice visit, we cruised back to the east to look for more. We spotted some large exhalations to the south, humpback whales in sight! This was our buddy Splitfin and his/her traveling companion whom we have seen quite often in the last two weeks! Awesome! Our guests were thrilled and we made our way back home with fond memories from the morning trip.

PM Tour
We had a great group on tonight, which included an awesome former employee Jessica and her fiancee, Nolan. They had a big wedding party on board, as they are getting hitched this weekend! They sure brought the good wildlife karma with them, as we saw so many cool things tonight. Animals spotted include harbor porpoise, harbor seals, bald eagles, tufted puffins, Steller sea lions, a minke whale, and two families of marine mammal eating orcas! Holy Smokes! The weather was fantastic throughout the evening and we spent a ton of time with the killer whales as they took us around the western side of Lopez Island! This was the T65A and T37A families, and the young calves were very playful for a chunk of the time we spent with them. After saying goodbye to the orcas we spent time with the sea lions and found some puffins near Iceberg Point. After that a very friendly minke popped up right next to us! We saw a mated pair of bald eagles and some more harbor seals near Castle Rock as well! What a night!

-Michael Colahan

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