T137 Transient Pod Steals the Show from the Residents!ti


Trip Highlights:
*Southern Resident Killer Whales near Tern Point
*4 Transient Orcas in the T137 pod near Sucia Island

Naturalist Log:
We headed through the inner San Juan Islands to start things out today and we came out on the other side just north of Stuart Island where we caught up with killer whales approaching Tern Point at a very fast pace.  It was great to see the whales surfacing with the lighthouse in the background when we arrived.  One of the trailers in the group was L87, Onyx, and we had him near us for a while as we cruised up to see more.  One young orca breached twice right as it passed the lighthouse!  After they reached the point all the orcas spread out across Haro Strait and started some obvious fishing behavior, with lots of circling around and changes of direction.  We spotted J2, Granny, L72, Racer, L92, Crewser, and J34, DoubleStuf among others that were trailing behind the rest of the groups.  After spending some time with the resident killer whales we decided to head west to look at some transient killer whales that were spotted earlier up near Sucia Island.  When we arrived the 4 killer whales were zig-zagging around off the northwest side of Sucia.  It was T137, T137A, T137B, and T137D.  T137As dorsal fin is already very large for a killer whale that is only 13 years old.  He is going to be a big boy when he reaches adulthood!  The thrill of the day came when these transients went down on a long dive and they decided to surface right next to our boat, surprising everyone, including the boat crew!!  They came up right under our bow pulpit and slowly gave everyone a great chance to see them up close before continuing on their way!  We got plenty of great views of this transient killer whale family before we had to start heading back toward the dock.  What a great trip! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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