T65A orca family in our backyard! All day long!


-harbor porpoise Rosario Strait
-found T65As in Eastsound!
-feeding behavior right next to the boat!
-harbor seals 
-T65As again right next to the boat
We set off on our journey today and started the search! We spotted harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait and made our way through Thatcher Pass. We scoured the shoreline and found some orcas along the east side of Eastsound! They were some of our marine mammal eating orcas: T65As! This group includes: T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5! They had just started the hunt as we got on scene! They were hunting right off the boat! We could see evidence of the hunt as they swam in circles, all partaking in the spoils! It took our breath away! After that, we had one breach from one of the animals, then they began their rhythmic breathing sequence. They maintained this sequence the rest of the time we were with them, giving us some great looks as they surfaced simultaneously! Eventually, we headed off in search of other things. We spotted some harbor seals hauled out on a rock north of Blakely Island and continued searching the shoreline of Blakely as we headed south. We eventually made our way back into Thatcher Pass and caught up with our orca friends who were still traveling south along the Lopez Island shoreline. We had some great last looks and parted scene for home port! What a day!
-T65As off Blakely Island
-lucky Steller sea lion 
-mature bald eagle on Shaw Island
-harbor seals
-beautiful sunset
We left our dock this afternoon and it was full on search mode. We made our way through the inner islands and we were lucky enough to pick up the same orcas we had on the morning trip! It was the T65As: T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5! They were coming up in a rhythmic breathing sequence for the entire time we were with them (over two hours)! We had some great looks, fantastic lighting and incredible passes! We took them through Harney Channel, where a Steller sea lion appeared out of nowhere! The orcas apparently weren’t hungry as they passed right by (within less than 400 yards of where the Steller was). We spotted a mature bald eagle on Broken Point on Shaw Island. They continued through Wasp Passage, which is where we eventually left them, heading to the west. We had great looks at Mt. Baker as we cruised on toward home port. But not before Captain Michael found us another mature bald eagle on Towhead Island and a great blue heron perched on the kelp off the north side of Cypress. We were treated to a beautiful sunset as we rounded the corner back to the marina! Spectacular evening on the water!

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