T’s all over again!!!!

Port Angeles

Lots of harbor seals in the harbor
T10’s, T063, and the T065B’s
Lots of action from the transients
Beautiful water and weather all day

Naturalist log:

With another hot day predicted in the forecast the crew was excited to get away from the dock and begin their adventure upon the Salish sea. A warm gentle breeze drifted in from the east and the sub once again climbed high above the earth. The sky lay blue with thin white cloud streaks scattered across it. The day was definitely going to be a scorcher and once again the place to be was out on the water.

With much excitement captain Tom and the crew got the Island Explorer 4 off the dock and departed the marina. As the IE4 cleared the breakwaters that linger at the edge of the marina she spotted her first wildlife. A few harbor seals were out swimming in the harbor and enjoying the beautiful start to the day and the IE4 continued onward. Groups of common murres and glaucous wing gulls filled the harbor and would disappear quickly as the boat cruised by. Soon the IE4 had reached the end of the hook and it was time to search for whales.

A few minutes after rounding the hook rumors came in of animals to the west currently headed south slowly. That was enough for the IE4 and captain Tom turned west and made the engines roar!!! It was long until the IE4 was on scene with a decent group of whales just north of Lyre river. It was the T10’s T063 and the T065B’s, all traveling together and being very social. Throughout the show they were slapping their tails like crazy and at one point or another one would breach!!!! It was an amazing show and the whales even turned and came right in to the boat to see all the wonderful people on board. It was clear that T063 had food with him as seagull after seagull would swoop in for scraps as the whales continued along.

After at least an hour and a half of great views and awesome action it was time to head home. The IE4 cruised the shore of the Olympic penninsula scanning for any signs of life but found only the occasional sea bird. It was however an amazing day on the water and the whales were a spectacular sight to see !!!!

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