Three humpbacks! J and K pod orcas! Tufted Puffin!


-harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait
-harbor seals on Colville Island
-two humpbacks south of MacArthur Bank
-another humpback west of MacArthur Bank
-J and K pod orcas on the west side of SJI
-tufted puffin off Lopez Island

We left the dock today and headed west on our journey. We spotted several harbor porpoise enjoying the waters of Rosario Strait. We did a slow down on the south side of Colville Island where there were several harbor seals hauled out enjoying all the sunshine! We pushed further to the south and we found two humpback whales! One of them was our good friend BCZ0298 “Split Fin”, the other one we haven’t been able to identify, but we have seen this whale a few times over the course of the last week! We had some amazing looks at these magnificent creatures surfacing side by side. We continued on our search and Captain Michael’s wife found us another humpback! This whale we have also been seeing in the area over the last week, but don’t have an ID for it yet! This whale cartwheeled for us, then proceeded to surface right under Mt. Baker! Gorgeous! We pushed further to the west and it wasn’t too long before we started seeing orcas up ahead of us! It was members of J and K pod! We hung out with J27 (Blackberry), J17 (Princess Angeline), J28 (Polaris), J46 (Star) and K21 (Cappuccino)! We watched as they were all spread out fishing along the south side of San Juan Island! We had some amazing encounters with K21 as he actively was on the hunt! We spent a lot of quality time with our orcas friends before we began to head home, but not before K21 gave us some of the best looks of the day, swimming right up toward the boat, almost as if he was checking us out! It was incredible! We headed back toward home port. On the way home, we spotted a tufted puffin on the south side of Lopez Island. We also slid through the south side of Lopez Island and Castle Rock and spotted some harbor seals and a mature bald eagle perched above its nest. It was an incredible day on the water!

Photos to come!

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