K & L Pod Orcas and Humpback Whales

Port Angeles

Trip Highlights:
*3 humpback whales at least
*K and L pod orcas at the Northwest corner of San Juan Island
*Harbor seals, harbor porpoise, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, and red-necked phalaropes

We headed right for the Rock Pile again today, and scored by spotting two humpback whales right off the bat.  We had them on either side of the boat for a while, and they both showed their tail flukes for us.  One gave us lots of surface time before arching the back and raising it’s tail flukes each time!  Next we pushed northward to look for more species.  Within a few minutes one of our season pass holder’s, Lee, spotted a minke whale so we stopped to see if it would come back up again.  Unfortunately it did not come back up in a timely enough manner so we continued on our path.  Orcas were swimming slowly up the shoreline of San Juan Island and lucky for us they were in a sleeping mode and swimming very slowly.  That allowed us to reach them just inside of our range for the day.  It was members of K and L pods swimming together.  We saw the K13 subpod, including K25, Scoter, K20, Spock, and K38, Comet, and some L pod orcas including L95, Nigel, and L92, Crewser!  They were all grouped up in a tight sleeping formation with lots of dorsal fins coming up and going down together!  That was impressive!  We got lots of good looks at them as they swam slowly along until it was finally time for us to head back southward again.  On the way back home we spotted 3 more humpback whales and a Steller sea lion making for a nice way to end our day of whales and wildlife on the Salish Sea!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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