K and L pod orcas in the morning! Marine mammal eating orcas swimming laps and having dinner in the evening!


9:00 departure
Bald eagle, seals and turkey vultures on Peapod Rocks
K and L pod orcas off Point Roberts
Mature bald eagle on east side of Guemes
We headed off on our morning trip under overcast skies and no rain! We turned down Guemes Channel and took turn to the north up Rosario Strait. We spotted harbor seals, a bald eagle and several turkey vultures  hanging out around Peapod Rocks. 
We trekked to the north and made our way to Point Roberts where we found members of K and L pod orcas! They were grouped up in two separate groups, the K13s (K13, K20, K38, K25, K27, K44, K34). The rest were members of L pod (all IDs to come). They were cruising to the north. It was amazing to see all those dorsal fins popping up at the same time! We even saw three huge spyhops! Incredible! Eventually, we had to start to head back toward home port. On the way home we spotted more harbor porpoise and a mature bald eagle! 
3:30 departure
-harbor porpoise in Guemes Channel and Rosario Strait. 
-Steller sea lion cruising through Harney Channel. 
– Marine mammal eating orcas swimming laps around Flattop Island! 
-mature bald eagle on Shaw Island
-sunshine, blue skies and a beautiful sunset! 
A more detailed report to follow! Plus photos!

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