Whales Everywhere! Humpbacks and Orcas

Port Angeles.

*Harbor Porpoise throughout the waters
*Resident Orcas from the L-Pod outside of Victoria, B.C. Members seen included new calf L121.
*Humpbacks everywhere! Close looks at 3 of the Humpbacks in the area, one of which was BCZ0180 “Monarch”
*Photo Credits to Lee Leddy*

Naturalist Log:
A beautiful day on the waters today, calm seas and blue skies. Our wildlife adventure took us to Canadian waters today, across the Juan de Fuca Strait. As we approached Constance bank, the first Humpback Whale of the day was spotted. All on board were excited to see such a large whale. During its deep dive, Captain Tom got word from another boat captain about some Orcas, and they were close by! So, we said goodbye to the beautiful Orca and headed towards the reported Orcas.
As we arrived in the area of the Orcas, tall dorsal fins were spotted breaking the surface of the water. We headed towards some splashing and noticed it was a family group of the L-Pod Orcas. It was the family of L94 “Calypso” and her new calf L121. Mom and calf picked up speed, bringing their bodies  out of the water. We departed from the adorable family and headed over to another tall dark dorsals fin. It was L85 “Mystery”, he swam along the port side of our boat giving us great looks. In the distance, another tall dorsal and a smaller curved dorsal was spotted. Could it be Mystery’s cousins L89 “Solstice & L22 “Spirit”? After many looks at Mystery, we began to turn back offshore. Another tall dorsal fin was in view, it was L41 “Mega” – the new calf’s Uncle. After several looks at these great Orcas, we turned back to Port Angeles. 
We didn’t get far in our travels before a large exhalation was spotted. A Humpback Whale! The beautiful white pattern in the underside of its tail stood out and helped us identify this whale as BCZ0180 “Monarch”. Monarch was zigging and zagging, perhaps hunting fish? After several great looks, we continued on our way. After a few minutes, another large exhalation was spotted. It seemed like Humpback Whales were everywhere. There must be lots of yummy fish in the waters. A few more looks and then onward to Port Angeles. What an amazing day!

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