J pod orcas in our backyard in the morning! J pod orcas cruising the west side in the evening!

We set off on our morning trip and found some harbor porpoise swimming in the waters of Guemes Channel and Rosario Strait. It was too long into our trip that we found orcas! It was members of J pod! We hung out with J26 (Mike), L87 (Oynx), J14 (Samish), J37 (Hy’Shqa), J40 (Suttles), J45 (Se’Yi’-chn) and J49 (Ti’lem Enges). They were engaged in all sorts of behaviors: spy hops, tail lobs, breaches and kelping! We spent a lot of time with the animals as they took us to the west. After some quality time with the animals, we headed back toward home port. We did a little slow down through the south end of Lopez Island and found numerous harbor seals hauled out. We also found a mature bald eagle on Burrows Island. We cruised on home with sunshine and flat calm waters!
Our evening trip got started with a beautiful cruise down Rosario Strait where we found some harbor propose swimming in the waters. At the south end of Colville Island, we saw a few harbor seals hauled out enjoying the sunshine. At Iceberg Point on Lopez Island, we found seven tufted puffins, much to the delight of passengers and crew alike. We continued to the west and it wasn’t too long before former crew member Julie found us our first whale of the day! It turned out to be two minke whales! They were being pretty slinky, but we caught a few great views of them before we moved on in search of other animals. Along the south side of San Juan Island, we spotted J27 (Blackberry) coming our way! He was followed by J16 (Slick), J50 and J42 (Echo). J42 kept breaching repeatedly! Incredible! We also saw J26 (Mike)! We spent most of our time with these incredibly active whales. At one point, the whales turned right for us! We enjoyed a lot of quality time with them before we headed off in search of other animals! We spotted more harbor porpoise and harbor seals on our way home. At the south end of Lopez Island, we also found a mature bald eagle perched on the cliff side. He took flight, what a sight! We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our way home! 

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