Granny Breaches Twice!


9:00am trip Highlights:
An orca Superpod
Orca reunion, with lots of breaches, and tail slaps
Granny breaches twice!

We headed through the inner San Juan Islands to start things off today and we spotted some harbor seals at Peavine Pass along with several harbor porpoise in different spots.  We reached orcas right at Eagle Point, and L41, Mega, was the first whale we spent time with.  Currently the oldest living male orca, Mega gave us some great views to start things off.  L25, Ocean Sun was swimming nearby, and L85, Mystery came swimming in from offshore.  Next we spotted L94, Calypso, L113, Cousteu, and the new calf L121!  The calf gave us plenty of good views before we pushed forward to look at more orcas including L77, Matia, and her daughter L119, Joy.  Out in front Mystery turned upside down and started tail slapping, and this seemed to group up the L12 subpod behind him.  They all appeared to dive down deep to look for salmon.  They were down for quite a while before surfacing together again!  At this point J and K pod orcas were swimming in from the north and we were positioned perfectly to watch the reunion take place!  The excitement started to build as we saw several breaches happen from both groups coming together.  As they mingled with each other the breaches continued! The highlight of the day happened next when J2, Granny, did two big breaches in a row at an estimated age of 104 years old!  Awesome!!!  After that we slowly made our way back toward the dock but we had to make an unusual turn into Mackaye Bay to respond to a distress call we got from the coast guard.  It tuned out to be a false alarm, but we took advantage of the situation to check out two bald eagles perched in the trees there.  What a great trip!

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