Humpback Whale Haven

Port Angeles.

*Many Harbor Seals hauled out on rocks near Race Rocks Island.
*A herd of Steller Sea lions at Race Rocks Island. A couple of them seemed to be in a disagreement about who was laying at a particular section first.
*So many Humpback Whales! The area known as Rock Pile attracted many Humpback Whales today including BCY0160 “Heather” and her calf, BCX1057, BCZ0298 “Split Fin” and a Humpback Whale still to be identified.
*BCZ0298 “Split Fin” put on quite the performance with multiple peduncle throws creating huge splashes.

Naturalist Log:
It was a beautiful day out on the water. Quickly within our wildlife adventure, Humpback whales were spotted. We got great looks at the largest whales that come into out waters. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures.
**Photo Credit to Lee Leddy**

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