Minke Madness morning and a humpback! Humpback in the evening!


9:00 departure

We had a beautiful morning to go on the search for whales! We cruised through the inner islands where spotted a few harbor seals hauled out on Willow Island. There was a bald eagle eating something in a tree on Shaw Island. We continued west and made our way to Haro Strait. We took a turn to the south and continued on our search. We approached Hein Bank and that’s when the action got crazy! We found one minke, then another, then another. We think we had seven minke whales in the vicinity! There were birds everywhere! They kept moving around as the bait dispersed and regrouped! We saw lots of lunge feeding behavior! They were on their sides and we could see their flukes slicing through the surface of the water! Incredible! At one point, one of the minkes came right for us and swam under the boat! We could even smell the minke whale’s breath! The action started to die down, right when we headed to the north in search of other animals. We went through Cattle Pass and up through San Juan Channel. As we rounded the northwestern tip of Shaw Island, we found a humpback whale! We only caught a couple of glimpses of our humpback friend, because we were already running late. It turned out to be one of our humpback friends, it’s was BCY0324’s 2014 calf! We are so glad to see this calf return to the waters of the Salish Sea! We cruised home through the inner islands! An amazing doubleheader this morning!

3:30 departure

Our journey this evening took us up to the north. We went alongside the east side of Guemes Island. We spotted some harbor porpoise between Huckleberry and Saddlebag islands. There was also a mature bald eagle perched on Hucklebrry! We continued to the north, toward Alden Bank, where our humpback had been spotted last. One of our sharp-eyed passengers saved the day and spotted him/her! During the time we spent with BCY0324’s 2014 calf, we turned in so many circles as the whale kept no real breathing sequence, no pattern in direction, it was awesome! At one point the whale popped up right next to the boat. Due to the lighting, the exhalation caught a rainbow in the spray! Beautiful! The whale hadn’t fluked for us, until it’s surfacing closest to us! Incredible! We continued to get some great looks and keep track of the whale in the flat calm waters! Eventually, we had to leave and head back toward home port. But not before we had another amazing encounter! At The Sisters, we had a bald eagle perched majestically. It took flight and we watched as it grabbed a fish out of the water and brought it back to The Sisters! There were a few more harbor seals hauled out. We cruised home and continued to search areas that’s hadn’t bern covered. Another gorgeous night out on the water!

Photos to come!

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