A double dose of Humpback Whale

Port Angeles.

*Jumping Salmon seen all throughout the Strait.
*Humpback Whale BCX1068 “Split Fluke” seen just south of Constance Bank.
*Unnamed Humpback Whale seen south of the Parry Bay opening.
*Great Wildlife views around Race Rocks Island. We saw Harbor Seals, Steller Sea Lions and huge Elephant Seals. 

The weather greeted us with sunshine and only a slight breeze this morning, making it a great day to be out on the water. As we crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca, salmon were seen jumping out – a good sign for our wildlife adventure. Our first whale sighting occurred shortly after we crossed into Canadian waters. It was Humpback Whale BCX1068 “Split Fluke”! When we first got on scene with BCX1068, we were treated to some views of its flukes. And then the diving behavior changed, it began making distance in a southeast direction keeping shallow dives. Perhaps it was on its way to some good fishing grounds? Those shallow dives were awesome to see since it often times swam just below the surface of the water. After a deep dive, lifting its flukes, we left BCX1068 “Split Fluke” to continue on its way and we continued our search for wildlife. We traveled further into Canadian waters, making our way towards Race Rocks Island, however another large exhalation caught our attention before we made it there. Just northeast of Race Rocks, and south of the Parry Bay opening, the large exhalation was identified as the blow of a Humpback Whale. It is a Humpback Whale that has been seen in our waters before, but has yet to be given a identification name. Name or not, it really gave us a great show. At one point, the Humpback whale surfaced right next to the boat. Captain Scott quickly put us into Neutral and we enjoyed the sight of the whale as it traveled along our port side. What an amazing treat! As soon as Captain Scott saw that the whale had made some distance from us, the engines went back into drive mode. We got a few more great looks at our unnamed whale and then said goodbye. Before making our turn towards Port Angeles, we decided to explore the Race Rocks area. What a great idea. Race Rocks was beaming with wildlife. Harbor Seals were Hauled out on many of the rocks and some were swimming in the water. As we neared the main island, we noticed a large body at the bottom of the boat ramp. It was a huge Elephant Seal and he even turned his head to show us its large trunk-like nose. Another Elephant Seal was spotted in the water, not to far from the male. This one lacked the huge nose, telling us it was a female. Over by the smaller rock islands, Steller Sea Lions were spotted in the water. Three of them were making some splashes in the fast moving water. Looks like Race Rocks Island was the Pinniped Palace for the day. After the great looks at Race Rocks, it was time to make our way back towards Port Angeles. This was a great day to be out on the water. 
*Photos credit to Lee Leddy*

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