J’s and K’s in Canada on both trips!


AM Highlights:
-J and K Pod Killer Whales in a tight resting formation
-Bald eagles perched regally gazing down at us
-Avoiding the fog, and enjoying the sun!

Wow! What a trip we had this morning from Anacortes! We traveled along the eastern shore of Guemes Island to push north into Canada to find Orcas! Along the way we had beautiful looks at bald eagles, harbor seals and harbor porpoise, all while avoiding the thick fog to the south. Capt. Carl played a great hunch and kept us in the clear, with the beauty of the San Juan Islands surrounding us. In Canada, we caught up with members of both J and K Pod as they cross edit he Strait of Georgia. We saw J2 Granny, L87 Onyx, the J14 sub-pod lead by Samish, the K14 sub-pod including K26 Lobo, and the J19’s, with little J51 as the star of the show. We saw even more bald eagles as we returned to the dock.

PM trip Highlights:
-J and K Pod Orcas in a beautiful environment
-Watching K14 Lea and K26 Lobo porpoise at top speed!
-A killer aerial dogfight between 5 bald eagles!

Tonight’s trip was awesome, as we caught up with the same whales from our morning tour, but in a completely different area! We passed a mature bald eagle sitting on a navigational marker as we cruised west to look for the whales. Stopping at Willow Island we saw some harbor seals hauled out. The killer whales were amazing from the get-go, as we picked them up in a beautiful section of Boundary Pass. KPod orcas were leading the charge southbound, and man were they flying at full speed! It’s tough to get a good shot of the orcas porpoising, so it was thrilling to get shots with such unique lighting to boot. It was so cool to watch them shooting through the water, with a mission in mind. They all suddenly stopped, and it was apparent that they were tracking some fish. K26 was the star tonight, no question, as he relentlessly chased fish down along the Canadian shoreline. We had cool lighting as well, and even got another pass from J41 and her new calf J51! That is one damn cute little orca baby! After leaving the whales, we passed Spieden Island and saw quite a bit of the exotic wildlife that lives on the island, including some Sika deer. Carl spotted some bald eagles soaring in the thermals as the strong winds picked up, and they soon engaged in an awesome dogfight, right before our eyes! What a trip!

-Captain and Naturalist Michael Colahan

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