Great Looks at calf J50!

Port Angeles.

*Many Harbor Seals swimming in a current line just passed Ediz Hook.
*Harbor Porpoise spotted throughout the Coyote Bank area.
*Resident Orcas located just south of False Bay on San Juan Island. Pod members seen included J16 “Slick” and her calf J50, J36 “Alki” and her calf J52, J19 “Shachi”, K13 “Skagit”, K25″Scoter”, K12″Sequim”, K22″Sekiu”, K26″Lobo”, L85″Mystery”, and L22″Spirit”
*A Marbled Murrelet sitting on the water surface near by the Orcas.

Naturalist Log:
Today, our wildlife adventure lead us across the Juan de Fuca Strait towards San Juan Island. On our way, many Harbor Seals were spotted swimming throughout a current line in the waters. The calm seas allowed their round heads to be seen with ease. Halfway across the Strait, Harbor Porpoise surfaced showing off their small triangle dorsal fins. As we neared The southwest side of San Juan Island, near False Bay, tall dorsal fins were noticed emerging from the water surface. Resident Orcas were in the area! While we were enjoying the tallness of the dorsal fin of one of the male Orcas, a couple of Orcas were spotted near shore. We noticed a small orca swimming along. It was J52 swimming beside its mother J36″Alki”. We watched as mother and calf continued traveling North along the shoreline of San Juan Island. Not too far away, another small Orca was noticed. We headed over to get a good look and recognized J16″Slick” swimming with her calf J50. J50 really showed herself off, porpoising several times. After several great looks of the mother and calf, they continued on their way northward and we made our way towards other orcas. As we got good views of the other orcas, we realized that the Jpod orcas were not alone. Turns out that members from K-Pod and L-Pod were present in the area as well. What a treat! Some of the Orcas we saw included J19 “Shachi”, K13 “Skagit”, K25″Scoter”, K12″Sequim”, K22″Sekiu”, K26″Lobo”, L85″Mystery”, and L22″Spirit”. While we watched the orcas surfacing, and fluke slapping, a bird was noticed literally right next to the boat. It was a Marbled Murrelet sitting on the water surface, completely calm as the Orcas swam near by. What a cool bird!
*Photo Credit to season passholder Lee Leddy*

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