L-Pod with calf L121!

Port Angeles.

*Two Harbor Seals hanging out in a kelp patty.
*Submarine traveling west through the Juan de Fuca Strait.
*L-Pod Orcas just North of the ODAS bouy. Members seen included L25 “Ocean-Sun”, L85 “Mystery”, and the family group of L94 “Calypso” including new calf L121.
*Minke Whale popping up near the Orcas.

Naturalist Log:
As the heat was coming in, all were excited to get out on the water for our wildlife adventure. Our Marine Mammal sightings began shortly after entering the open water just passed Ediz Hook. Two Harbor Seals were spotted among some floating kelp. As the Seals dove down under the water, we continued our way. Many sharp eyed passengers noticed fish jumping out of the water. A good sign for our adventure! As we traveled towards Coyote Bank (a.k.a. Border Bank), a large dark object towards our East was getting closer. It was a large submarine. Such a neat sight. We continued our journey passed Coyote Bank, heading in a North East direction. Shortly after passing the ODAS bouy, the first tall dorsal fin was spotted. As we got closer, we noticed more dorsal fins in the area. The tall dorsal fin belonged to the big male L85 “Mystery”. We noticed that L25 “Ocean-Sun” was traveling near by. While we enjoyed observing L25 & L85, suddenly another tall dorsal came around. It was L41 “Mega”. L41 “Mega” allowed us to enjoy some great looks as he swan along side the boat.  There were other Orcas in the distance and as we began to scan around for all the dorsal fins, an non-Orca fin appeared. It was a Minke Whale! The Minke whale was seen between two spread out Orcas. Amazing! We got to see two types of whales simultaneously! Captain Scott received a call alerting him to more Orcas near by so we said our goodbyes to the Orcas and the Minke, and made our way to the other Orca family. The family was members L94 “Calypso” and her two children L113 “Cousteau” and calf L121. They were a great treat for us. At one point L94 “Calypso” brought the new calf L121 right towards the boat, even swimming underneath our bow. They were so close, we could see the white reflecting beneath the water surface. It was amazing! As we departed L94 and her family, we began to head more south towards Port Angeles, but the Orca viewing wasn’t over. We got another great show from L41 “Mega”. Since he was heading in our direction, we got to spend lots of time with him before making our way back into the Port Angeles Harbor.
Getting to spend over two hours with L-Pod Orcas with a special appearance by a Minke Whale made this an amazing adventure.
*Photo Credits to Lee Leddy*

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