A whale of a morning!!!!

Port Angeles(am)


BCY0160 “Heather” and her calf
Harbor porpoise
Members of JPod including J2 “Granny” breaching and spy hopping around the boat

Naturalist log

The air was hot by the time the passengers began boarding the Island Explorer 4. The sun sat high above the boat pouring down its rays like water from a bucket. It was looking like a beautiful day to go into the Salish sea and enjoy all her beauty!!!! In no time at all the IE4 was doing just that, sailing out into the flat calm waters that lay ahead of her and cruising north in search of whales.

It didn’t take long before the IE4 was on scene with BCY0160 “Heather” and her calf. The IE4 had some very good lucks at these two whales as they were headed east in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. They were surfacing a lot as they went along not taking many deep dives at all!!!! It was pretty clear these whales had places to be and so we waved good bye and began cruising west back toward Race rocks light house.

About halfway to Race rocks we joined a group of orca whales that were traveling north east toward San Juan island. A large male was off by himself and we followed him with intent not sure what he was up to, being so far from the rest of the group. It turned out to be Doublestuff out fishing along a current line, hoping to score something big. After a few good looks at him we turned back to rejoin the rest of the pod. That’s when the action started….

Suddenly an orca in the distance breached high out of the water, then another one spy hopped. Things became calm again for only a few minutes and then more breaching occurred!!!!!  As the Ie4 cruised along it had many close looks at the whales, it seemed like the animals just couldn’t get enough of the boat with how they were attracted to it!!!!

After many awesome looks it was time to wave goodbye to the orcas and continue to make our way home. The waters of the Salish sea had remained calm the entire trip and continued to do so. The sun still high in the air raining heat down upon the earth with a vengeance and what better way to spend it than with orcas out on the water!!!!

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