Popcorn breaching! Plus, Oynx gets up close!


Our trip today took us north up Bellingham Channel and we caught some great glances at some harbor porpoise. We cruised along the north shore of Matia, Sucia and Patos islands. We saw some harbor seals hauled out on Puffin Island and Sucia Island! We continued into Canada where we met up with members of J, K and L pod: J2 (Granny), J14 (Samish), J37 (Hy’Shqa), J40 (Suttles), J45 (Si’Yi’-chn), J49 (T’ilem Enges), J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse), J51, L87 (Oynx), K14 (Lea), K26 (Lobo), K36 (Yoda) and K42 (Kelp)! When we got on scene, they were all grouped up. As they approached the islands (Tumbo and Saturna), they started going crazy! There were breaches and tail lobs and cartwheels! Amazing! Captain Scott maneuvered us through Boiling Reef and toward East Point. That is when we had some amazing looks as the whales scooted down the shoreline, still going crazy! L87 (Oynx) branched off and came close to the boat! Then he proceeded to breach three times! Incredible! We were all amazed at his sheer size. We continued to watch them as they headed south. At one point, some of the whales that were trailing, sped up and started porpoising to catch up with the other whales! Then more breaching ensued! Eventually, we had to start heading back toward home port, as the whales were headed in the complete opposite direction. On our way home, we spotted several mature bald eagles, most of them on the east side of Guemes Island!

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