K-Pod Orcas put on a show!

Port Angeles.

*K-Pod Orcas all around the boat showing off several behaviors including breaching. Members close by included K13″Skagit”, K27″Deadhead”, K38″Comet”, K22″Seiku”, K25″Scoter”, K12″Sequim”, and K20″Spock”
*Humpback whale BCZ0180 “Monarch” showed off its flukes.
*Large fish bait ball which also included Spiny Dogfish.
Naturalist Log:
Today’s adventure lead us across the Juan de Fuca towardsVancouver Island. As we passed Race Rocks the morning marine layer lifted and we enjoyed  the views of the Race Rocks Lighthouse and the south west side of Vancouver Island. As we approached Otter Point, Orcas were spotted. It was member of K-Pod. The first group of Orcas we approached was K13″Skagit” and her family members  K27″Deadhead”, K38″Comet”, K25″Scoter” and K20″Spock”. It seemed like they were making big splashes even before we got close enough to see them. Once we got into view, we understood where all the splashing was coming from. They were super active. Within minutes we were presented with Fluke slapping, peduncle throws, Spyhopping and even breaching! One of the Orcas, maybe K38″Comet”, breached 4 times in a row. It was truly amazing. Pretty soon K12″Sequim” and her family approached us. We were surrounded by K-Pod Orcas and they were putting on a show. The K-Pod families continued their showcase as we followed them westbound. As we reached Sheringham Point, the activity had calmed and it was time to say goodbye and make our way back to Port Angeles. Before we could get far along our way, Captain Shane noticed a large exhalation. It was Humpback Whale BCZ0180″Monarch”. After getting a great look at BCZ0180 “Monarch”, including its impressive flukes, we continued south east towards Port Angeles, but the adventure wasn’t over. Just as we approached the tip of Ediz Hook, a commotion of birds were spotted. The birds included Glaucous-winged Gulls, Heermanns Gulls, and Rhinoceros Auklets. They were all excited about the big fish bait ball just beneath the surface. In fact, the fish were so close to the surface that we could see them from the boat. We noticed that the fish were not alone in the bait ball, as Spiny Dogfish were also in the mix. What an amazing way to end our wildlife adventure!


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