Amazing Orcas!


Our trip started with beautiful blue skies that carried us through out entire trip! We made our way toward Pointer Island where we spotted a few harbor seals hauled out on the rocks and several of them in the water! We made our way through Thatcher Pass and spotted a couple of mature bald eagles perched on Willow Island. We continued through the inner islands and made it to Haro Strait. At Battleship Island, we spotted a bald eagle’s nest with two chicks in the nest and a mature bird perched on a branch underneath the nest! We took a turn to the south and came upon orcas! The first orca we found was J26 (Mike)! He was definitely engaged in some fishing behavior off of Kellett Bluff! We caught some nice looks at him before Captain Michael took us into Open Bay on Henry Island where we found J16 (Slick) and J50! J50 was hanging out alone and definitely learning how to tail lob and breach! It was amazing! Then J36 (Alki) and J52 came into the bay and joined up with J16 and J50! J36 brought her little one right by the boat! Then J27 (Blackberry) surprised us by popping up next to the boat! All the whales started grouping up, heading north. When the all got together, the flipped directions and started moving to the south! We were in a great position to watch them all go by! They were playing in the bull kelp and we even had a huge spyhop! The other whales we identified were: J2 (Granny), L87 (Oynx), J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse), J51, K14 (Lea), K26 (Lobo), K36 (Yoda), K42 (Kelp) J42 (Echo), J14 (Samish), J37 (Hy’Shqa), J49 (Ti’lem Enges), J40 (Suttles) and J45 (Se’Yi-chn). Eventually, we had to leave and head back toward home port. We slowed down along the Spieden Island where we found more harbor seals hauled out and even some mouflon sheep! We found an osprey in it’s nest on Crane Island. We spotted a couple more mature bald eagles on our return trip! Amazing day!

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