Orcas and Minkes in the AM! Orcas and a beautiful sunset in the PM!


Our morning trip began under sunny skies and clam waters. We took off west on our journey through Thatcher Pass. We spotted a mature bald eagle on Willow Island. Captain Scott found us another bald eagle that was fishing off Upright Head on Lopez Island. The bird landed on Lopez Island right under a bald eagles nest! Awesome! We headed south and took a turn toward Canada. It wasn’t too long after that we spotted our first whale! We had orcas! We continued inshore and found members of K pod! We hung out with K25 (Scoter), K27 (Deadhead) and K44 (Ripple). We pushed a little further to the north and spotted K20 (Spock) and K38 (Comet). They gave us some of our best looks of the day! K38 even spy hopped for us! Then he played in the kelp! Incredible! We eventually had to turn, but we spent more time with one more orca, K34 (Cali) as he had turned to the south with us! At Salmon Bank, we spotted two separate minke whales who didn’t want to hang out with us. They were fairly shy and elusive. We spotted a tufted puffin off the south end of Lopez Island! We were all so excited! As we continued to the east, we spotted another elusive minke! We went through the south end of Lopez Island and spotted a black tail deer and some pigeon guillemots. We cruised home after a great morning on the water!

Our evening trip began as the clouds began to part and we spotted a mature bald eagle perched on the south side of Guemes Island and a great blue heron was perched on a rock along the shoreline. Another bald eagle was on Huckleberry Island. We made our way north and found a couple of harbor seals and harbor porpoise on our journey. We made our way toward Canada and we found orcas! Our first whale that we hung out with was L87 (Oynx). We saw his massive dorsal fin rise out of the water! Incredible! The whales were super spread out and we were spotting them all over the place! We spotted J2 (Granny) and K26 (Lobo) and made our way in that direction! K26 even breached twice for us! Huge breaches! We also spent time with J19 (Shachi), J41 (Eclipse) and J51, one of the newest members of J pod! We had some great belly flops from J41! Then we hung out with J16 (Slick) who spyhopped right next to the boat! We also spent time with J14 (Samish), J40 (Suttles) and J45 (Se-Yi’chn). Mt. Baker even decided to poke her head out of the clouds, giving us some great looks! The whales continued south, allowing us to spend more time with them. We were even able to catch up to another couple of whales J37 (Hy’Shqa) and J49 (Til’em Enges)! Captain Michael lined us up for some great photo opportunities with the animals and Mt. Baker! Eventually, we had to pick up the speed and head back toward home port. However, we still had a couple of treats in store for us! A great blue heron flew right over the bow (in fact, we thought the heron was going to land on the boat). It started to barely, and we mean, barely, started to sprinkle, just enough for there to be a beautiful rainbow that appeared over Mt. Baker. Our sunset was completely breathtaking! A wonderful end to a beautiful evening! 

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