Minkes! Ls! Then Js! Woohoo!


Our trip started with beautiful blue skies that carried us through out entire trip! We spotted several harbor porpoise swimming in Rosario Strait! We slowed down at the south end of Colville Island and found numerous harbor seals hauled out enjoying the sunshine. We continued to the west where we found not one, but two minke whales enjoying the shallows of Salmon Bank! We continued on our journey and spotted another minke whale, but we continued on. We came across some L pod orcas! The first whale that surprised us alongside the boat was L95 (Nigel)! He gave us some great looks as he continued south alongside San Juan Island. There were sever,another whales closer to shore and eventually we made it in that direction! We came across members of L55's family! The whale that came closest to us was L103 (Lapis). She gave us some great looks! We also saw L55 (Nugget) and L109 (Takoda). Eventually we had to turn and head back toward home port... But not before we had another surprise in store! As we approached Whidbey Island, we came across some members of J pod! We saw J14 (Samish), J40 (Suttles) and J45 (Se'Yi-chn). We had some close passes before we moved a little further to the north to check out J26 (Mike)! His huge dorsal fin rose out of the water and impressed us all! Doubleheader! Including two different orca pods! What a day! 

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