The IE4 finds orcas! A sea otter! Elephant seals! And a humpback!

Port Angeles

We left the marina under a very light layer of fog, which quickly dissipated as we made our way north! We were on our search when all of a sudden, we spotted fins and exhalations up ahead of us! Woohoo! We were so excited! We had found the T65A family group (T65A, T65A2, T65A3, T65A4 and T65A5)! They were quite active and within the first two minutes of being on scene, they swam directly for the boat, then under it! Amazing! The entire time we were with the animals, they were abnormally active and rambunctious! Lucky for us! They were rolling around all over each other, spy hopping like crazy, doing head stands and generally just splashing around, zigzagging almost every time they surfaced. The zigged toward our boat again, allowing us to see them under the water! At one point we even had a triple spy hop! It was remarkable! Eventually, we had to head off in search of other animals. Captain Scott had word of a notable creature we were going to try and find! We made our way to the Race Rocks Lighthouse. As the lighthouse emerged from the fog (which was literally just in the area of the lighthouse), everyone was on the search for a cute, little, furry animal… And we found him/her! A sea otter was enjoying the kelp forest off the island! What a fantastic find! We also spotted at least two northern elephant seals lounging on the rocks! We turned to make our way toward home port and we were almost back when Captain Scott slowed down the boat! He had found us a humpback whale! Doubleheader! We caught a few great glimpses of her as she headed toward the north. We even were lucky enough to get a great fluke shot, allowing us to ID her as BCX1057! We cruised on home with an incredibly successful day of whale watching under our belts!

Photos to come!

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