L-Pod calf and family plus some Humpback Whales make a great day!

Port Angeles.

As we headed west, it did not take long before a blow was spotted. It was a Humpback Whale. We got a few nice looks at the whale, but did not get to see the underside of the flukes, so we were not able to identify the whale. During our looks, Captain Scott got informed of Orca sightings further west. Passengers agreed to say goodbye to our Humpback and head west towards Orcas. While departing our Humpback, we could still see blows in the distance behind us, and suddenly there were two humpback whales we were watching. What a Joy! We continued westbound and towards Vancouver Island. We made it all the way to Sheringham Point when we first caught up with the Orcas. It was members of the L-Pod! Our first good look was a male with a tall, rounded-top dorsal fin. Looking at the dorsal fin and saddle patch, he was identified as L85 “Mystery”. While watching L85 “Mystery”, we noticed more blows and dorsal fins not far off in the distance. We departed Mystery and headed to the other Orcas. What Luck! It was L94 “Calypso” with her new calf L121. L121 was staying close to mom’s side, but we got to enjoy great looks at the new calf as it lifted its head out of the water while it swam. While we were enjoying out views of L94 “Calypso” and L121, a large dorsal was quickly headed towards from behind. It came up quickly and caught up with us in no time. It was L41 “Mega”, easily recognized by the notches on his tall dorsal fin. L41 “Mega” allowed us some great looks, especially when it crossed our path just ahead of us. We continued enjoying our view, when another Orca came within close view. Based on the saddle patch and dorsal fin, it appears that L25 “Ocean-Sun” came over. We had been traveling west with the L-Pod family and were about the reach Point No Point. It was going to be a long ride back to Port Angeles, so we knew we would need to say goodbye to our Orcas soon, but not before seeing L41 “Mega” and L94 “Calypso” with L121 again. We did finally turn around and head back toward Port Angeles. Everyone was enjoying the relaxing ride back, lunching on delicious pulled chicken sandwiches and conversing about the great trip. Suddenly, out of the blue, a Humpback Whale surfaces next to the boat. Captain Scott quickly puts our engines into Neutral and passengers got outside to enjoy another whale sighting. We were enjoying BCY0324 “Big Mama”! We still had a bit of a ways to go to get back to Port Angeles, but no one seemed to mind the delay as we got several viewings of BCY0324 “Big Mama” in-between her deep dives. We did make it back to Port Angeles and smiles were on all our faces. What a Great Day out on the water! ~Tamara
**Photo Credits to Season Pass Holder Lee Leddy**

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