Transient orca! Humpback whales! Resident orcas!


What a day! Three different types of whales! We left the marina today and headed south on our search. Captain Michael found us a mature bald eagle perched on the Davidson Rock marker. He was preening himself. At Colville Island, we spotted several harbor seals hauled out. The sun began to break through clouds and we continued on our search! We spotted a California sea lion hauled out on the Hein Bank marker. He didn’t look very comfortable, but was definitely enjoying the sunshine! The Island Explorer 4 (our sister ship) found our first whale of the day! A transient orca was headed toward the southwest. It was a lone male, whose identity we are still trying to figure out. We had some great looks at him as he cruised off. We turned to the east and continued to search. It wasn’t long before we found another species of whales! We found two humpback whales! One of them was our good buddy, BCZ0298, also known as Split Fin. Our humpback friends were surfacing at the same time, even showing us a double fluke! We even got to see them rolling around and one of their pec fins! They came right off our bow! We stuck around a little bit longer to grab a couple of last looks. We turned toward San Juan Island and continued to search. Boy, we had another treat up ahead! J pod orcas were headed our way! J2 (Granny) was in the lead. We caught some glances at her until we pushed offshore and found L87 (Oynx). It looked like he was engaging in some fishing behavior. We had three types of whales under our belt as we cruised home under blue skies and sunshine!

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