L pod returns!


Our trip began with some harbor porpoise swimming in the waters of Rosario Strait. We saw several harbor seals hauled out at the south side of Colville Island. We pushed further to the west and saw multiple groups of birds active at the surface, indicating lots of food in the area. Along the south side of San Juan Island, we came across L pod orcas, coming our way! This is the first time this year that members of L pod have been seen in the Salish Sea! It wasn’t all the members of L pod, but a few family groups! We saw L95 (Nigel) first and L27 (Ophelia) was out ahead of him! Then L47 (Marina) swam by the boat with L115 (Mystic) swimming by her side and the rest of her family a little further inshore: L83 (Moonlight) and L110 (Midnight). We also got to hang out with L55 (Nugget) and her family: L82 (Kasatka), L116 (Finn), L103 (Lapis), L109 (Takoda) and L118 (Jade). The whales continued south down the San Juan Island shoreline, which worked out well for us, enabling us to spend more time with them! Eventually, we caught up with L95 and L27 again, who were hanging out in the vicinity of L47 and family! We had some amazing last looks as we picked up speed and headed back home with the sun breaking through the clouds! Incredible day! Welcome home (part of) L pod!

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