Three Humpbacks in picture perfect conditions!


Leaving the dock today we noticed thick fog to the south, but we stayed in perfect, sunny conditions all day and found three humpback whales in Canada. Passing Huckleberry Island to start our trip, we watched about a dozen harbor seals in the water, feeding on something as the birds moved in to try and steal some scraps. We slowed down to visit our newest fried in the region, the GIANT California sea lion that we have seen here for over a week. He was lazily hauled out on a marker and barely opened his eyes to check us out. The waters were flat-calm as we pushed into Canada to look for whales. Another boat had spotted two humpbacks and Capt. Carl was just getting us outside when he hollered “Breach”, as we saw one of the whales jump out of the water! We were still a few miles away and the whales breached several times and cartwheeled as well! I was able to catch a couple of cartwheels from the distance as we hastily continued toward them, our passengers stoked to see these cool behaviors, even from afar! When we got to their location the action had cooled down, and we watched as they surfaced side-by-side and brought their tails out on deep dives. Tyson had spotted another whale in the area and we cruised over to check her out as well. This was a whale we know well, BCY0324, aka ‘Big Momma’. She also showed her tail, and we circled back to visit our first two buddies. They passed right by the boat as we planned to say goodbye, and we were able to ID one of them as BCX1057. After leaving we passed by several dozen harbor seals near Sucia Island as well as two bald eagles. We also visited with another California sea lion, whom I think was our first guy we saw, but he had moved to a different marker to continue his restful day in the sunshine. Awesome, awesome trip!

-Michael Colahan

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