J-Pod in Canada


We traveled deep into Georgia strait to watch J-pod orcas today!  It was a long journey, with ideal weather, and lots of wildlife along the path.  On our way up we spotted 7 bald eagles in several different spots. After announcing the bald eagle count one passenger wanted to know how just how many harbor seals we had seen at that point in the trip.  I’ve never gotten that question before, but it sounded like a challenge I could figure out, within reason.  After going back through my photos I estimated we had seen 62 seals at that point in the trip.  We also saw lots of harbor porpoise too.  We finally reached J-pod heading south from Point Roberts.  The first whale we visited was J26, Mike.  He gave us plenty of good views as he swam by and appeared to be looking for fish as he circled around.  We spotted J36, Alki, and her new calf, J52, next.  What a thrill to see the newest member of J-pod!  After a good visit with them we peeled off to look at another group of orcas coming our way.  It included J19, Shachi, J41, Eclipse, and her calf J51.  They eventually swam right over toward us for the best views of the day!  After a good look at them, we headed back to look at Mike, Alki, and J52 again.  We got some great views of them all, especially when we had Mike on one side of the boat and the mother and calf on the other.  What a great way to end it.   We also had a bird watcher on board that was with us mostly for the birds adding “whales will be a bonus if we get them”.  We found her lots of life list birds including a Pacific loon, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, Bonaparts gulls, pelagic cormorants, and Brandts cormorants.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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